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nelson rivera rivera


Mr. Nelson Rivera Rivera joined J. Jaramillo Insurance in January 2013 as Comptroller. He is responsible for the firm’s full accounting cycle, including but not limited to accounts payables and receivables, premium financing, financial statements preparation, commissions to producers and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mr. Rivera has over 25 years of experience in agency management and accounting with qualifications that integrate accounting strategy and management, enhancing the work environment with a focus on the bottom line. Knowledgeable in multiple accounting systems, such as SBT, MSAS, AFW and AMS 360, as well as specialized software solutions, he has been key to an agile economic flow between JJI, vendors and clients.

He started his accounting career in 1982 at the Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, specializing in mortgage analysis. A few years later, he joined South Continental Insurance Agency as Assistant Comptroller, where he was commissioned key managerial projects early in his trajectory in the insurance industry. In 1994, he continued his insurance background in Caribbean American Property Insurance Company as Premium Processing Supervisor, overseeing an entire unit on account analysis. Mr. Rivera was later Accounting Supervisor for almost 10 years at Popular Insurance, supervising the process to identify and apply payments to accounts receivable.

Mr. Rivera holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Accounting from the Metropolitan University and a degree in Accounting and Management from the University of Sacred Heart.

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