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María alejandra valona aguila

Executive Assistant to the President

Mrs. María Alejandra Valona Aguila is the Executive Assistant to the President of J. Jaramillo Insurance since its beginnings, being part of the founding executive team, close to the senior-most decision makers in her latest roles and accountable for all Human Resources initiatives of the firm.

Mrs. Valona started her career in Mexico City, working for the ISSSTE government agency. In 1992, Mrs. Valona joined the Grey Mexico media agency, where her career progressed during the following 5 years. Her roles covered customer and media relationships as well as contract management.

Mrs. Valona built a solid platform in the insurance industry in PR when in 2002 she joined a local managing general agent as administrative assistant to its president. Her responsibilities included coordination of the President’s agenda and diverse meetings for executives, administrative functions and, also, ensure an efficient functionality of the corporate offices.

Mrs. Valona has attended multiple trainings on insurance agency operations and How to Create a Human Resources Department. Currently, she is accountable for overseeing the Human Resources Department at JJI, always procuring a positive attitude that enhances the service provided to colleagues and clients.

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